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Dear costumers, allow us to introduce the FOBZ a.s. Company which has been making a successful business both in the Czech Republic and abroad since 2003 and which helps its clinets to carry out their activities and to implement their export plans.

The team of experienced and highly qualified experts in the field of marketing, consulting and financing will fully satisfy all your demands and requirements. We will be helpful in opening new markets for your company and we are ready to develop optimal projects for the export and import of your products and services. We are competent to lay out efficient strategies, to perform all necessary operations and to guarantee a successful entering foreing markets for your company.

Furthermore, we are able to perform a continuous monitoring of new trends in offer and demand, as well as to analyze activities of your competitors. To arrange your participation in shows and fairs, samples presentations, advertising and promotional campaigns are a significant part of our services when taking specific features of a region, as well as market and business conditions into account.

Since 2004, we have been representing successfully both Czech and foreign contractors in Ukraine, Russia, Jordan, Syria and United Arab Emirates through our delegates.

FOBZ a.s. also offers a large volume of components and spare parts for eight-axle SKODA electric locomotives, types 66 EO, 66 E1, 50 E1, 50 E2, 82 E1-E8, 81 EO, 81 E1, 81E2 (see the merchandize catalogue containing some 15, 000 in-store items).

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